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.Life For Gaza: Each Cent Counts, Quenching the Thirst of Humanity in Gaza City

The Gaza Municipality is tasked with providing vital services such as water supply, waste management and sewage treatment. However, the widespread destruction in Gaza City has severely hampered the Municipality's ability to deliver even the most basic necessities to its residents. With limited access to water, the population faces a dire health and environmental crisis, especially affecting children.


By joining forces in this initiative, we cultivate hope and solidarity, fostering empathy and collaboration across communities while easing the hardships endured by those in Gaza. This collective effort reassures them that they are not alone in their struggle. The Gaza Municipality earnestly appeals for your support to help reinstate essential services, currently the foremost priority. In the northern regions of the Gaza Strip alone, over 500,000 individuals urgently require these services.


Where your donations will be directed:

  • - Water supply enhancement projects
  • - Maintenance of water wells
  • - Implementation of water desalination initiatives
  • - Management of waste collection and disposal systems
  • - Reconstruction of roads demolished during war
  • - Implementation of sewage water pumping and treatment schemes
  • - Execution of pest control and rodent eradication programs


With your support, we can:

  • - Enhance water provisions for residents and maintain consistency.
  • - Manage the collection and disposal of accumulated waste throughout the city.
  • - Address sewage overflow and sanitation issues across various areas of the city.
  • - Initiate the reopening of key thoroughfares to facilitate emergency vehicle access.
  • - Clear debris from the cityscape to restore ease of movement for residents.
  • - Provide aid to the personnel of the Gaza Municipality Emergency Committee.



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